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This was my third exam with ETS, but the first time at the Bridge Street center in Brooklyn, NY. As an immigrant testing with this agency, I have to bring my passport, as found in the valid ID section, which you have to research yourself because it will not be mentioned on the admission ticket. Your name must be exactly as it is on your ID.

I have used my exact same registration info and documents as in the previous exams with them, but this time they refused to let me register, arguing that I have a surname on my passport. False. I have a maiden name on my passport, which is clearly indicated, and is not on the same line as my actual last name.

I tried to explain this to the very uneducated employee , but to no avail. My green card showing my last name, and that name only, was also denied as a secondary ID. She tried to tell me that when you get married, you now have your maiden name and your spouses name, and that is why I should have put in on my registration. Preposterous !!!

I continued to explain to these individuals that a surname and a maiden name are two different things, but they could not understand. They actually kept interrupting me, insisting that I do not understand what the term 'surname' means. I finally called the ETS customer service number and they were ultimately schooled over the phone that they must let me test and that my passport does not in any way indicate two last names.

The aggravation before my test was unnecessary and these employees need to be reprimanded for their actions. How many non US citizens have they denied testing because of their inability to do their jobs?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Exam.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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