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Hello, I took my Texes EC-6 content test July 5th, 2017. I have passed three out of 5 of my tests.

Math and Science were my last needed to pass. My results came back that I failed both. I am very disappointed in the ETS company for the way they administer their tests for future teachers of Texas. Not only do they update their exams continuously , but the way their exams are structured make it unfair for all.

We spend hundreds of dollars on testing material and websites that are meant to help us understand and study material that is related to the exam and what an actual teacher goes through in a classroom, but when the exam is given, the questions are nothing remotely close to anything studied. I feel the test is structured in the sense of trickery as to do what they can to trick the tester that in the end they fail. The questions given were in my opinion, not based on student academic knowledge or based on what a teacher goes through in a classroom. We do not trick our students to the point of failing.....why do this to us?

If a test is to be administered then every grade level should be represented on each question not just 5th and 6th grade which was an issue on both my Math and Science test, but each question should be straightforward. Every possible type of question for both and all subjects should be given not just certain types. I felt that not every type of question was present like I studied. Mind you, I studied material from 240 tutoring, Certify teacher, T-cert, TEA prep manual, Texes mometrix, Texes Core subjects, ETS prep, 2014,2015, and 2016 STARR practice tests, and tutors, and not one question on the exam was truly represented the correct way.

With ETS updated their exams, it makes it difficult having to spend money on material that is outdated. I know ETS has had issues such as apologizing for poorly scoring the STARR results for school districts across Texas, for other test takers, not refunding their money, or getting their information wrong. And yet here I present this issue in which I am not the only one to have and we all I'm sure feel as if were are getting the run arounds with ETS and don't feel like we are getting anywhere with them. I've even had ETS tell me that even if you pass certain portions of your test, that you should not skip them.

That they must be taken again so that your score is not affected. But yet my ACP program tells me its ok to skip that it won't so what have my scores been affected because I skipped the portions that I already passed? I have already called ETS I was told to send an email to 2 different email address making my complaint and a request. I still have not heard back from anyone.

When I keep calling they just tell me to send an email. I'm wasting time here and my career is being put on hold because I feel that this is all unfair. If ets created their tests right I would have the teaching position that my principle has been waiting to give me.

The request that I made with ETS was to be given a probationary certificate so that I can at least be given my position and that we can come to a settlement. I feel that is fair enough with all that I am going through.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Texes Core Subjects Ec-6 Exam.

Reason of review: Exam structure.

Monetary Loss: $652.

Preferred solution: Be given probationary certification, or probationary certification with acception that test be taken again before 12 months is up.

ETS Cons: Complete scam.

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