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Since I decided to study in the US I have to take the TOEFL for sure. At first I thought that I had to register for the test I that is all, but it was not. When I got to the test center, the register looked to my ID and told me that I need another with another name (I had shown my passport) because it missed the second last name on the name that I put in my registration form so I was unable to take the test. At the ending, they told me that they do not do any refund. They interesting thing is they said "this happen every week", but they do not do something to resolve the problem (of course, we are making money without doing anything).

The second time that I registered, what I did was to make a new account with my full name on it, I double checked. I pick another test center in order to see improvement related to the treatment from the worker. It was worst!

The test center was in Fort-lauderdale and they are excessively rude, the way that talk to the test takers and also the way that they do all the procedure before do the test, it was like enrolling to a prison facilities. During my time there, I never heard "Good luck". And at the end they just say "Good day".

I did poorly in my test, knowing that I could have done a better performance. I am not excusing my self by writing this comment, I am just astonished that the world still have this kind of people and I am also surprised because this the first organization that they do not care about their customer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $190.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ETS Pros: Equipment.

ETS Cons: I do not wish that even my worst enemy pass through, I do not wish that even my worst enemy pass through this, Bad customer service.

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  • Ets Registration Problem
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I would like to see some sort of class action lawsuit against them for #1. Misleading study materials #2.

No access to your, paid, taken, exams. #3. The unfairness of the practices that a person who has a disability has to accomplish to take the exam that should be the exact same practices as anyone else.

I feel that since some 39 states require the test and as with anything education related, it is nothing but a money racket.

I have no issue with the test itself, just the fact that I cannot see the actual test that I took and the answers that I selected for each question. The hoops and hurdles and delays for individuals with disabilities and the misleading study materials that are an extra cost.

@beetle bailey

I agree, I think there needs to be more attention to this boondoggle!