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I am a latino student and when I was born I was given both my dad's and my mom's last names. I generally only use my father's last name, but my SS card has both last names.

I recently changed jobs and this new job required me to have a driver's license showing my two last names. When I registered for the test, I used only my father's last name. I know I neglected to read all the details when I was registering and it clearly says that both last names are to be included in registration. I noticed the problem too late and I called customer service and they did not allow me to change my name.

I was not allowed to reschedule nor was I given my money back and was not allowed to take the test because my license shows and EXTRA, not different, but EXTRA last name! So I had to register again and here is where I get confused. I was allowed to go into the ETS website and open a whole other new account (since I could not change the name on the old one) with what under ETS standards is a "different name," therefore "different person," but using the SAME social security number, address, date of birth, etc!! So talk about security!!!

There's has to be at at least 3 different accounts with the same Social Security number, but "different" names from when back in the day I registered for the SAT, the GMAT and a previous attempt at the GRE. Yet, I am not allow to take the exam with an ID that clearly shows who am I? Get with the name game...it is not that hard.! I am upset, I dont think my SS # is safe with this company!

Who knows how many people have taken a test under my SS#!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Website.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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