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I have filed a claim as my GRE test scheduled for 10/21 was incorrectly cancelled without my consent or authorization by one of your operators. I highly encourage you to look through the phone dialogue(s) if possible.

Since I did not ask for my test to be cancelled, I was I was hoping to receive my original test date (10/21) back, but apparently this is unable to be resolved by the “customer support” team, nor in a timely manner. I've been trying to resolve this on the phone for several hours Wednesday and Thursday with your “customer support” team, missing work meetings in the process and having to work late into the night as a result. I was disconnected from one supervisor after 30 minutes and was told there was not a supervisor to speak to by another representative. I’m now being told that my claim will take 7-10 days to be reviewed, meaning I will need to repurchase a new exam in order to get my test date back. All I’m asking for is an error (of your company) to be corrected, it shouldn’t be complicated as a divorce. This should be a quick and easy fix- If you didn’t have a monopoly on exploiting college students, this customer service would never be acceptable anywhere else in the world and your company would be out of business.

I originally called to inquire about receiving a refund for my test, since I found out that the GRE was not necessary for the program that I am applying to, although it was recommended. I called within 24 hours of signing up for the test, so I figured I could potentially get a refund. However, I was told at first that I could get a 50% refund, then once I was told it was within 4 days of the test I would get no refund. I expressed my displeasure with the policy (which did not take a spot from somebody else as there were multiple spots/dates available, and comes at no cost to ETS as the testing center would be open regardless of my presence), but in NO WAY asked to cancel my exam. There is a huge difference between asking about a refund and asking to cancel. If I wasn’t going to receive any money back I would absolutely rather test than spend $205 on nothing. Why would I cancel to get nothing in return?! If that’s what I wanted, I would have just not showed up. I’d also rather test than even have a partial refund.

I returned to my desk and was shocked when I saw an email that my test had been cancelled. I called back and explained that I did not cancel my test, figuring I could re-book my slot since I had already paid for a test, and did not cancel in the first place. I was informed that since the test was already cancelled that there was nothing that they could do. I spoke with a supervisor who repeated that i could not receive either money or a test date back, despite having never cancelled my test in the first place. I was placed on hold again and then the call disconnected.

I then called back a third time to see if I could either reconnect with the supervisor, or speak to another one as I figured the situation might require escalation past a first-line employee's authorization. I explained the situation once again, and was told again that I would lose the money and not be able to test. I was also told there was no supervisor to speak to, or person above the supervisor. Why pay supervisors (or a customer support team) if they are A) unable to solve basic customer-service problems, or B) are not available at all?!

After several more phone calls Thursday, we were told that I should be able to get my test date back and have it settled if I called back in the afternoon. When I did so, an employee stated that I did authorize the cancellation in the tape, which is completely untrue. When asked if I can hear the recording, an excuse was made that the supervisor does not have access to the tape. I will continue to dispute this until I hear the tape for myself. This is a problem that can take 30 seconds to solve, but I’m not going away until I get my test back. You’re going to keeping hearing from me until this is resolved.

I feel like I'm not acting unfairly in this situation. Despite disagreeing with the return policy, I understand that your rules are what they are. However, I would at least like to test if I've paid for it fully anyway. I’ve held up my end by giving you my business, now it’s time for you to hold up yours. Is there a way to please resolve this by Thursday 10/20. I would really appreciate the opportunity to test on Friday, which I've paid for fully and never asked to cancel.

If it’s not resolved by Thursday afternoon, I will be purchasing a new exam in the exact same slot as before, and expect a full refund of my previous test then. I should not have to pay twice for the same test, especially after the time and energy lost based on an error of one of your employees, and the inability of anybody in the company to step up and do what is right. You know as well as I, that this is wrong as the current situation stands. It would be a shame and waste to go to small claims court over this. I encourage you to do whatever you are able to fix this situation, and change your policy and customer service practices so that this doesn’t happen again to other people in the future.

I appreciate your time and help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Gre Exam.

Reason of review: All of the above.

Monetary Loss: $205.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Cancelled test without permission, Lies, Refusal to fix problem.

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