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Praxis Core is a scam! It's all about money.

These tests are impossible. Do not and I repeat DO NOT buy the practice test from ETS, they help with NOTHING. I know many education majors who dropped because our college demands we pass these exams. The Praxis is aligned with Core standards, it's an standardized test, very difficult to pass unless you get lucky or are good at math.

No wonder all states are experiencing teacher shortages. These exams are pricey.. it is NOT worth the money. If they lowered the score to 120 that would be perfect especially for those who do not want to teach math.

It is honestly ridiculous. NJ has got to change its teaching laws.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Praxis Preparation Material.

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I totally agree!

I thought it was against the law for there to be a monopoly in the US.

I have had take five different Praxis test to get my license. I have paid them over $2,000, plus lost time at work.


We need to write to our congressman or Governor or the Education department and complain.


I wrote a letter to Obama and complained that ETS is a money eater machine, and a under current unemployment causing us the teacher financial burden. Obama answered me back hope they will eliminate the tests all together.

They charge full price for retaking the test which should be free of charge after you pay the first time.