ETS is clearly trying its best to grab as much dough as they can from test takers. There are plenty of testimonies already about how unfair their cancellation/rescheduling policy is (say bye to half of your test fee, no matter what), so I won't even point out how taking half of a HEFTY fee, when in fact they have no real cost to cover, is simply ludicrous. No, it's downright immoral.

But the money-grabbing attitude of ETS is confirmed by another fact, apparently insignificant: once you book your exam, they WON'T remind you of it anymore. I mean, come on! Even the lousiest company know how to set up automatic email remainders to its customers, because... well, they are FREE. And ETS already has your email address from when you book the exam, so we're not talking rocket science here. Apparently it's too much to expect just one email the day before the scheduled test. But why wouldn't they remind you of the test if it's an easy and cheap thing to do? Well, let's see: I can only speculate it has something to do with ETS' desire to collect more test fees. In fact, if you book your test well in advance and by accident forget about it, you'll have to fork the entire fee again. Well done ETS!

Although, perhaps the most infuriating thing I have to report, and this is a WARNING to all prospective test takers, is that the actual test is a lot more difficult than the pdf prep-tests or the exe files with the sampler questions that they throw you in for free. Same thing with any question or practice set you'll find on their (not exactly cheap) text book. And when I say more difficult, I'm using an euphemism. So, seriously, don't even waste your time with the free material: compared to the content of an actual test it is so easy it is pointless. (What can be inferred from the last statement? LOL The correct answer is c: if you can't even handle the free material they give you without making mistakes, then avoid flushing money down the drain to take the test and get more practice, instead).

Now, guess which material is only worth practicing? Yup, you guessed it: the tests ETS offers to sell you when you book the exam.

Again, I think ETS' idea, here, is that gullible individuals, eager to take the test immediately after realizing how well they perform in the exercises of the textbook and all the free material, would take it and flunk it (read: get a score which isn't anywhere near what they were expecting). This means having to attempt the test again (paying the whole fee again), and also having to buy their practice tests (more $$$). Cha-ching!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

ETS Cons: Unethical business practices, Their attitude.

  • ETS SCAM Artists
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They have sold this to educational entities such as state licensing boards all over the US. So they in turn have bought into it and we the consumer suffer for it.

I would like to see some sort of class action lawsuit against them for #1. Misleading study materials #2. No access to your, paid, taken, exams. #3.

The unfairness of the practices that a person who has a disability has to accomplish to take the exam that should be the exact same practices as anyone else.

I feel that since some 39 states require the test and as with anything education related, it is nothing but a money racket. I have no issue with the test itself, just the fact that I cannot see the actual test that I took and the answers that I selected for each question.

The hoops and hurdles and delays for individuals with disabilities and the misleading study materials that are an extra cost. I would like to figure out how to find an attorney to take this on.


Update: results came in and I scored 115/120 (29,28,29,29). Although I know I could score in the 118-120 range, I won't retake the test because I don't want to pay the full fee again.

And there's the first of two additional complaints: the test is just too expensive to retake and ETS doesn't offer any discounted plan.

Also, the two half-price full tests offered during registration are exactly the same that were available two weeks ago. However, additional tests can be purchased in their practice section at full price.

ETS keeps showing me over and over again just how greedy it is, so.. I'm sorry, but no more money for them from me.