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I have taken the math praxis core test 5 or more times, but still have not passed. My highest score 146 having completed several test knowing that I had gotten them all correct only to be disappointed with the final score.

I think this test is a money scam that is bleeding me dry. I'm starting to think to this is rigged to keep me coming back. I don't understand why there is a 3 wk window for retaking the test when it's my money that I'm sending, why can't I take it the next day if I choose?

ETS has previously been involved in lawsuits for testing and they make it so that ppl would have to continue to come back. I have spoken to many ppl just the same issues and something needs to be changed about this test.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Praxis Exam.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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same here taken math praxis four times, going in for number 5, and if there is a class action suit I'm in. I talked to a math professor who said it a conceptual test , not based on you math knowledge, and they did away with hand held calculators to get rid on teacher applicants.


I agree, and I am starting to wonder if ETS is breaking federal civil rights laws by selectively failing individuals. There needs to be much more transparency and detail provided in the score reporting.

Without demonstrating the test to be fair, we are left with what appears to be a rigged licensure system.

This is unacceptable for an open and free society, and should be questioned in court. We certainly know ETS stands to gan much more from selectively failing people than playing the game fairly.


It is ridiculous, I always miss it by 3 to 5 points. Somethings as to be done about this,this is a money scam. No one is passing these praxis test and people are loosing their jobs about this


I totally agree something has to be done about the test we go through all this school and can't pass the test I also believe that it's a money scam


this is a money scam, no one are passing these test. I pass one when it was paper and pencil but these computerized test are riduculous