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I needed to cancel my test because of an unavoidable family issue, and they wouldn't give me a full refund. I hadn't even been signed up for the test for a full 24 hours.

ETS is a horrible company that just wants to make money. It doesn't care about its customers at all because it knows that students who want to achieve greater things must go through ETS. It's website claims that it's not a monopoly because "there are competitors for most of the testing programs and related products and services we develop." Really? Who are these competitors? Why aren't universities accepting their tests? The New York Times calls it "a highly competitive business operation that is as much multinational monopoly as nonprofit institution." As a "nonprofit", ETS gets out of paying "tens of millions of dollars" and continues to charge ever-increasing test fees in addition to selling test prep materials. How is it nonprofit when it's taking business away from for-profit businesses? It's not truly a nonprofit, but a greedy corporate monster sucking the blood of students and other young hopefuls.

"Listening to educators, parents and critics" and "learning what students and their institutions need" are both part of the ETS mission statement. Are you really listening to your critics? Almost all the reviews are negative. And what "students need" is not for you to rip them off and be more understanding and sympathetic. All businesses should learn to listen to their customer base. ETS is the one that has some learning to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $195.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ETS Cons: Customer service, Unethical business practices.

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I agree that ETS has the monopoly but why do universities depend on ETS to provide tests ? I believe there is a lot of corruption in this education segment

Someone posted how ETS reply with a formatted answer

The ETS agents cannot even read English .


I would like to see some sort of class action lawsuit against them for #1. Misleading study materials #2.

No access to your, paid, taken, exams. #3. The unfairness of the practices that a person who has a disability has to accomplish to take the exam that should be the exact same practices as anyone else.

I feel that since some 39 states require the test and as with anything education related, it is nothing but a money racket.

I have no issue with the test itself, just the fact that I cannot see the actual test that I took and the answers that I selected for each question. The hoops and hurdles and delays for individuals with disabilities and the misleading study materials that are an extra cost.


They delivered the WRONG test and I could not take the test because it was not the one I signed up for. ETS never refunded my money for the test even though it was their mistake! I had to shell out another $ 170 for yet another test .


i wish if I could have seen this link before, I'd never ever go for applying and just wasting my money. They are just too corrupted and money making machines, having no concern about how do a student pay their fees' and all that............................they are just too disgusting