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Where can I start? The history with ETS is such a disappointment. You'd think that such a company, that makes so much money on us, teachers and students who HAVE TO take their tests, would be better organized and provide support.

ETS made me waste hours on end on the phone, charged me fees for rescheduling a test ( and by the way, they rescheduled me, I had no control over the matter) and when I tried to argue the payment they treated me with disrespect, hanged up on me, were disrespectful on the phone, did not return my calls, and did not operate their business in a timely manner.

I thought about this for a while now...Why does ETS not have a better support system for the customers? Why when I rate their feedback survey 1 out of 5 nobody ever bothers to call me and ask- what was the matter? What can we do to solve your problem? Basically ETS doesn't care at all....How can a business in the 21st century survive when they have such poor customer service? It's not hard to answer the question- ETS has monopoly...WE HAVE TO TWKE THE TEST, no other company offers these tests...Praxis, GRE etc...So, why should they bother to better their business when they are going to inherently have business by the nature of the way things are in education....So, there's no incentive for ETS to improve anything in their business.

However, I'd definitely sue them if I could find a good lawyer to prove my case. I spent 5 + hours over the phone with them and they never listened to me or cared to correct their own mistake....

I am so disappointed...but guess what? I'm probably going to have to take at least another test with them because I don't have a choice....

Don't get me wrong...I am ace-ing their *** tests, that's not the issue, the problem is their customer service or better say, lack of it....

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ETS Cons: Bad customer service, Unethical business practices, I do not wish that even my worst enemy pass through.

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