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My daughter has been trying to register for the GRE test for 12 days now with no luck. She has called every available number, emailed and even drive to a Prometric office and still cannot register for the test.

There is no one that can answer when this website will be back up and running. She has missed a critical deadline for graduate school and may now fail to met the admissions requirements. How can a Website be down for 10 days? Why did they not revert back to the old, working website after 1 day?

Are there other students with this issue. I can see a class action lawsuit down the road.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

ETS Cons: Website failure, Bad customer service.

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I agree. I was able to register around the same dates that your daughter has been experiencing issues, and it messed up my name on the registration form.

I wasn't admitted to taking the test, and they refuse to refund me. I would like a petition to be created!


Same here... Need a lawsuit to give the company some sense.


Same with my son.im so upset.im trying to find another number for complaints.this makes no since.


I agree that a class action lawsuit is coming soon. I am in the same situation.

I've been trying to schedule an exam for several weeks and nobody responds to email or answers the phone. I'm currently looking for Walter McDonald's email address to make sure he knows what is going on with his company. My next step is to file a corporation commission complaint.

Is this happening to anyone else? We should start a lawsuit because they hold a monopoly.


My sons had similar problems - unbelievable morass. Did you take any action with a lawsuit? Would like to participate.