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The GRE Verbal sections appear to be designed to trick test-takers. Many of the questions have more than one possible (correct) answer, but the system will only award points for one particular answer or set of answers. I teach at a university, and I would never use test questions that can have that many interpretations with only one right answer. Some of the answers are nearly identical, with a subjective and nuanced difference in the one they score as correct.

The test is a gimmick that US institutions have bought into and now do not know how to move forward without it, or how to replace it with something rationale and truly fair. The testing industry makes billions of dollars, and yet uses its test-takers to assess potential future exam questions. This means they're getting free use of the test-taker's time and input, at the expense of that person's ability to give full attention and energy to the exam.

If you're taking an exam that has five sections, and you are already stressed, you do not need an additional section randomized into the mix. Suppose you take the fake section before two of your scored sections appear? This drains your energy and attention for the sections you need for scoring. For example - how well would you function if, during a 10K Marathon, the race coordinators tossed in an extra 2K for other purposes, but did not tell you where it would occur. Suppose you were rated for each leg of the Marathon, and the extra leg was inserted during one of your peak energy periods? How would that affect your overall time and ability to do your best? Just for fun - suppose you have to use an unfamiliar set of running shoes, and the route you'll be taking has numerous surprise interferences that disrupt your focus?

If you wouldn't put up with that in a marathon, you shouldn't have to put up with it in a test situation on which, we would assume, your future academic career heavily hinges. The center I visited today had nice enough people, but the keyboard was awkward to use, the AC was turned way too low, and (nice surprise) there were pounding noises from the firm in the adjacent office, which apparently is a framing service. Life shouldn't be this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Gre Preparation Material.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Preach! This exam is an insult to graduate studies.

Graduate school is about deep critical thinking and prolonged investigation. Not quick scheming tactics on a fraudulent standardized exam