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My debit card was fraudulently charged at 3:01am this morning from ETS*TOEFL Services. I have never heard of or authorized this company to charge my debit card.

Luckily, when they tried again at 3:08 am this morning my Bank's fraud department didn't allow the charge to post. I don't know how to contact them since I have never heard of them before. When I googled the company this site came up.

I was able to close my card at 7 am this morning so no more charges can post. Please post if you have the same issue with this company so my bank can send more information to the authorities.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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It just happened to me. A charge of $238.08 was attempted on my Mastercard.

Bank had it as a pending charge and the amount was large enough to trigger an email to me. I immediately phoned the c.c. company and they removed it and will issue a new card.

They said there were 2 other attempts (not showing) which they blocked. I think they were going to contact me by phone very soon regardless.


So I am here, and also got a pending charge of $180 for the TOEFL I purchased one but I dont know where the other comes from.


Same thing with me. 4 fraudulent charge on my debit card over the weekend.

Called ETS this morning and they were no help. Said I would have to get ahold of my bank to take care of it. So far out $880 total. Bank is taking care of it but ETS is awful.

ETS asked for my name and birthdate when I called them!

Did not give it to them. No one in charge, just a phone center when you call.


Just had two charges for $205 each pending in my account. Where have you purchaseditems latley I have only 2 places. This concerns me


My bank account was hit today with 6 fraudulent charges by ets registration


Me Too. this company is a scam. when my bank fraud officer called them, they just laughed.


I received two transactions from ets*toefl on my card at around midnight my time. One charge was 195.00 and the next transaction was a reversal of the 195.00. I cancelled my card to be safe.


My Card was also charged $225.00 to include 1.00 dollar for a south coast charity. I never heard of this and when I googled it. I seen what Company it was and there is no reason I would even need to use this place.


My card was fraudulently charged $235 from this merchant today. I called the customer service number and the rep sounded like this happened frequently since I didn't even have to explain my whole situation.

They were able to even give me the amount of what I was charged before I even told them. Shady.


I had my card hacked by them (4) $195.00 four!! And one for $220.00!

I have spoken with my bank and cancelled my card and hope to recoup my funds.

I was able to get ahold of a supposed tech, the charges are still pending but my bank can’t do anything until it posts on Monday night. This is some kind of SAT school out of New Jersey, has to be a scam!


Card got charged this morning 235$ from whatever this merchant is and never even heard of it until today. Had to cancel my debit card.


Same problem. Had 220 taken from me on May 29, charges went through May 30 even though I had blocked the use of my card on the 29.

My bank accused me of using it. I told them why would I order a test kit to learn how to speak English when I speak English and live in America?


I had 3 charges from ETS at around 3am. I was alerted of the charges by Discover.


They got me too yesterday for $195. Cancelled my card. Frickin ***


My wife was hit with $195 in April 2019. Our bank caught the charges as fraudulent and her card was cancelled.

Today in May 2019 my card was hit for $235 and again, the bank flagged it as fraudulent. (We have an AWESOME bank). Now my card is cancelled. We plan to meet with the bank tomorrow to discuss this and then this company.

If I am told our information is being used, we may consider speaking with an attorney to resolve this.

Apparently this company has zero motivation to prevent fraud and is willing to be complicit in the fraudulent charges by accepting whatever minimal information they can to charge people unknowingly and collect funds hoping they never get caught. I am certain an attorney could find something there to work with.


Got hit for $195 on 4/16/19. My bank caught it as a fraudulent charge before it came out of my account.

I don’t use any of the mentioned apps. My theory is this scam is being done by hackers getting info from reputable sights. I purchase things online from different places but only to reputable known businesses. Though I do agree with the one guy.

Seems like frauds of this nature really went up when places like lifelock opened up.

Coincidence.... I say nope.


I was also charged by this company with out knowledge or authorization. Then laughed and told me to take it up with my bank because they could not or would not do anything to stop or reverse the charge. From the sound of the person on the customer service line, they are less than reputable and he was not a good example of an educational testing service representative as he knew little of manners or grammar.


Same thing here but in the amount of $210.00/ CANX card. Never heard of them


They got $195 x 3 from my checking account yesterday 2/11/19 never heard of them... I have a phone number but they wouldn’t give me any information.. 609 771 7100 Ewing, New Jersey


4 charges on my AMEX before it was cancelled.