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I appeared for my on 28th November .I reached center at 9:30 am .Firstly there was heavy rush . We were standing for about an hour waiting for our call.

It was at 10:40 AM that my paper started . During mid break I came out exhausted and just saw people taking out stuff from there locker . I saw another person checking his phone .I subconsciously happened to take out my phone just to check if my dad called because I told him to reach 1 hour before exam gets over . As soon as I checked my phone within 10 seconds guard came and snatched it from my hands .Another guys came asked me to open my mobile .I opened and showed him everything to let him know there was no wrongdoing from my end .

I gave him my phone and asked him to inspect it properly , till the time i gave other half of my paper . As soon as I completed my exam the coordinator told me , he wrote to ETS about the issue. I showed my concern about how no one told me about not using phone and other people using it , his point of view was nothing will go wrong its very minor issue.I told them I need them to send all voice and video recording so I could state my point .He gave confirmation from his end . Its been 1 month I haven't got call from ETS.

Every time I call they make some excuse or the other .They pick up there call after 40 minutes .I am not joking .Every time they assign me new person and then tell me they will shortly be sending me mail .I haven't received any mail .Its already 40 days .My one application deadline has passed and other are near .I am really pissed because I have invested so much time and money on everything .My sister gave toefl 1 year back .Her mobiles were kept in plastick bags and there were people to instruct her about does and dont . I am really broken , I spend around 1 year working on it and ETS people are not cooperating .

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Exam.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just recently got news that my result is cancelled. Wow! After 3 keeping mr in doubt for 3 months they have this to say.