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The primary function of ETS is to extract information and sell it to corporations. Thus being said, this organization is a monumental monopoly.

They say that we have three days to reschedule a test date. However, if you call three days in advance of your test, they hang you on the technicality that it is not three (full) days. Okay, okay... my mistake right?

I was told that there was a way I can reschedule my test date and not take a $170.00 hit, and that all I have to do is submit a request with legal documentation proving that I cannot be present for the exam. I was told by Chris the supervisor that this review sector of ETS handles exemptions on a case by case basis. So, I asked for their number to speak about my case over the phone... here's the catch, they don't have a phone number for customers!!

What?! Also, after much prodding he admitted to me that issues are not in fact reviewed on a case by case basis, but that exemptions are only granted for two reasons; DEATH and PERSONAL DEBILITATING INJURY.He told me that if I really have a problem that I should just write to their policy team. Then he proceeded to keep my on hold (for no given reason) for 8 minutes...

it must be his go to customer service strategy for encouraging patrons to hang up. Bureaucratization at it's finest!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Exam.

Monetary Loss: $170.

  • ETS SCAM Artists
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Well, well, well! As I research the praxis 5038, I notice that a report was posted on line for this particular test.

The data is very interesting. Of the 19 participants taking the test to determine what the passing score should be, over 49-57% failed this test. Of all the candidates only 4 scored 85% or higher in panel 1 and 2 scored between 85-89% in panel 2 and this is the group of people who determines our score. Interesting 68% of the panel were teachers, 84% white, and 89% were currently teaching the subject.

I also find it interesting they averaged everyones score to come up with a mean and then rounded it to the highest whole number. My god where do these people come up with this stuff. The teachers sitting in on this panel should be ashamed of themselves. A 167- This is higher than the science and math praxis passing scores.

Link to report:

Now to the good stuff! It is a conspiracy! a monopoly! a rip-off.

You give teachers 2.5 hours to answer 130 questions and only count the 110 you want. That is just the half of it, you place all of those reading passages on this test and expect the teacher to read, interpret, and answer correctly. Of course there is the multiple select questions with more than one answer in one question and I only receive one point for it; oh wait that is only if it counts. There is no way to know how you do on these test and when you call ETS, the monopoly company, the rip off, they only provide you with sarcasm and no precise answer.

These states need to look at the company they are subjecting these students and teachers to. The test are rigged. It is not a reflection on what and how the teacher can teach and grow students intellectually. It clearly states in the ETS bulletin that some test are harder than others.

Wow! Am I going to give my students different test one harder than the other when I am testing what they know. The State assessments are not designed that way. Who do these people think they are?

This is why the teaching profession has gone to *** because of companies, ETS, like to take advantage of those who are trying to make a difference. The only difference they are making is in their pocket. They charge for this and that. $30 here and $40 there!

You know the fastest I have ever seen ETS provide some results was when I called to have my paper based test results verified. This was on a Wednesday. On Friday, I had a letter in the mail telling me that my resulting score stands.

Hey I just paid them $40 for a piece of paper.