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I could not agree more. I have been met with failure 5 times on this exam ($90 each time) .

The official ETS guide is not accurate to the real exam. As an adult who has a high school diploma, an associates degree, and is almost complete in a bachelors it is very suspicious that I cannot pass this exam! I am fully aware that much studying is involved in these tests but cannot fathom how I have failed this many times, after buying countless study books and recieving tutoring. The content on this particular test is far more advanced them someone who wishes to teach grades k-6 should be met with.

And the time restraint is beyond ridiculous. I have contacted ETS already to clarify scoring and fully intend to contact them again after my next attempt this weekend.

It is clear I am not the only individual experiencing frustrations with the content on this test. I have been successful in my educational journey thus far in life and am finding it VERY hard to believe all the failures with little score change on the core math exam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Preparation Material.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Plus, the test prep material is a scam in itself! You can only access it ten times?

I felt the test prep did not reflect the test.

There is also little feedback to help you improve. The math is ridiculous, why would I have to solve complex problems in under a minute for a grade I am not licensed to teach in?


I just took K-6 content 5018 for the second time. I keep getting low math and social studies.

This is because the ETS test prep online is a joke. Out of 140 practice questions, not even 1/4 of the practice questions are like the real questions. This is ridiculous. If the test prep is not effective, what can we do?

These tests can change lives. By the way, I this content test in 2008 and passed easily the first time.

It is now difficult and has a higher score requirement. The state said my test expired from non-use of it after 5 years.