Green Bay, Wisconsin

My first experience with taking the computer Praxis exam was waful becayse I believe the last screen is rigged to confuse the test takers, who often inadvertantly delete their entire test by mistakenly clicking one button. There are no warnings or pop ups alerting ir asking if you mean to delete hours worth of testing!

It's a built in scam that pilfers more precious time and money from hard working innocent college students, who have no other choice than to take the entire Praxis test over again!! Worst test taking experience ever!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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They same thing happened to me!!! I accidentally clicked the wrong one!!! Did they still give you your score?!


The same exact thing happened to me.. Glad to know I'm not crazy


My test shut off on me and no one believed me so I had to take the test again as well as pay the fee to take the second test..Ugghhhh!