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I signed up online for the E.T.S. GRE test, all the while noticing their note on the side of the page advertising and they do make "refunds." I had signed up on a Friday, and by Monday I called back to inform them that I would need to take my father to an out-of-town surgery on the date of my scheduled test and would like to cancel and get the refund. They cancelled my registration and informed me that I would get half of my money back ($87.50, so the other $87.50 I had paid was conveniently donated to them to "hold my spot" even though it hadn't been held for even one full business day).

At this response, i told them that if I would only get half of my money, then I would arrange someone else to take my father and I would make the test. Their response to this was that I would now have to pay another full testing price $175 because my cancellation was already pending, and there was nothing they could do about it.

I spoke with a supervisor after waiting on hold for him for 25 minutes, and he was rude and would not discuss the topic with me!

Awful service there!!!

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I agree with Kim. It seems that ETS does not care about the students it claims to serve.


Since there are a number of similar complaints I am guessing that these policies are deliberate attempts to garner additional fees.


I want to know if there is a federal board who reviews this stuff. Who reviews the ETS-GRE?

I want to complain to them.

Complaining to ETS is a lost cause. They couldnt care less.


I registered for GRE computer based test and and decided to move my test date further ahead to study more since i was going to apply to grad school later on. I called FOUR days before my test date, a wednesday and my test was supposed to be on a monday.

The customer rep happily took all my information to do the rescheduling including my credit card information and said my confirmation number would be the same and i would receive my confirmation email soon and all set. Next thing I realize is that they havent charged my credit card nor emailed me the confirmation email unfortunately it was a friday evening so i could not even call since they weren't open! And then it was the weekend so my only choice was to call on monday the day of my test. The first time i call and explain the problem to customer rep I AM TOLD THAT I SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE to see if i received the email or not.

I'm a customer that is responsible and called before the the 3 days to reschedule first of all, i am aware of the rescheduling fee and all. I am putting my MONEY AND TRUST in a customer rep for a service i am paying for but instead i am lied too and ripped off. The first rep just cut me off the phone so i called back and here i am AGAIN explaining my problem to another customer rep and theres nothing she could do for me because the call records indicate that the last activity on my account was of only the day i registered. IT's really ridiculous bc i tried doing this online at pro-metric but they have an ERROR in the system.

Here i am losing my money because of dishonest customer representatives and a website which does not even work properly and can not compensate for my money lost because of their dishonest service. I'm horrified and disappointed.


That happened to me also in July 2011. Customer service rep contacted me to say they had to reschedule due to lack of interpreters availability and charged an extra $15 for the change of date.

I was scheduled a day later than the day we had discussed (rep and I) - it made me look like as if I were a "no-show" to the exam center. I was very disappointed but with right emails to the state representatives including ETS and TEA - all monies were refunded including the $15 extra charge.