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Respected sir,

Due to severe pain in the abdomen and loose motions , I was unfortunately not able to give my online GRE test today. The Doctor advised me not to appear for the exam and take bed rest. US $195 is a considerable amount for me .It will be really helpful if you can reschedule my test to any next immediate test date. I understand it is not in accordance with the rules but this is a matter of my career and life .

Please help me .

I shall be forever grateful to you !

The medical certificate is with attached .

Personal details :-

Snandan Singla

Appointment No. 0004000000136482

order date : october 17,2014

Test date :7 november 2014

Test centre :

Shiksha overseas -STN12483B 25/33 , Lower Ground Floor, East Patel Nagar , Ph-01164584117 New Delhi

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Exam.

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Ets does not look at your request. It's comical to see such comments.