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I recently signed up for a bundle package of 3 tests w/in a 4 months period. I took the first test & ETS accidentally set up the testing date for the wrong time so everyone showed up and had to wait for hours to take their exam.

The positive side of it was the test scores were appropriately shown on the appropriate date. The 2nd problem happened after my 2nd exam. They unregistered me -- w/o giving me a call --- and then re-registered me. Therefore, they needed me to pay again which I was not aware of.

This not only held up my test scores for the 2nd exam, but it was a huge inconvenience. They did not credit me in any way for this problem with their company. After I went ahead & paid, I went on my ETS account to see my test score, and they told me that I had to wait to see that 2nd test score along. The kicker was I could not even see my older-already-paid-for-test from the month prior!

After my 3rd exam, I was of course already paid up. Customer service told me to wait until February 3rd to see all of my scores. Problem was, when I called in they told me I had to pay $30 to get my test score over the phone. I told them I was informed I could retreive my scores online & that no one informed me about getting them over the phone along w/ a fee.

I also told them about the past inconveniences & they could care less. They just repeated the "rules" and did not take into consideration what the whole point of customer service meant. It was actually not customer service at all. We'd be better off with robots.

Absolutely horrible - the worst!! Not only did they not care, they were really rude. They didn't apologize for the incorrect information, and they did not give me any credit showing any form of customer service. I hope you do not have to deal w/ this like I have!

I just wanted to write this to know what you may be dealing with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ets Customer Care.

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