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I showed up to write the test. I am a long time resident of Florida.

I own a house here. I have lived here 25 years. I arrived at the test site : I presented my Florida drivers license. Having a florida drivers license gets me on planes, it is sufficient for any situation that requires identification, getting married, a traffic stop, TSA.

The center made me go home to get my green card and passport. I returned to the center. The proctors refused to let me write the exam. They didn't reschedule the exam.

Meanwhile I arrived I am not sure what the passport thing is all all about if I am legally in this country with legal ID but perhaps ETS has discovered a way to rip of people especially immigrants who they think won't fight back.Judging by the amount of complaints on this board I am not the only person who has been adversely affected by this very strange policy as I don't think ETS is in the immigration business.But perhaps ETS reports immigrants to homeland security who will deport them I think ETS is discriminating against people on the basis of national origin which is a violation of the Civil Rights Act. ETS's business is test taking not deporting immigrants. ETS has refused to refund me my money or reschedule the exam. Brian Franco has repeatedly insisted that despite the receptionist not being in the waiting at 12:00 pm.

which she wasn't. ETS keeps insisting that I was late, that I did not have the proper documents. The receptionist was away from her desk for long periods of time. If she had been doing her job there would been ample opportunity for me to have written the test.

Talking to ETS they have refused to admit any sort of wrongdoing or overreach. They are not in the business of immigration but a test center. I have written many tests at Prometric where my drivers license was sufficient id to prove my identity. Any person who has been in this country since 9/11 would know that as result Florida and other states have stepped their requirements to obtain a driver's license (god forbid illegal immigrants should drive a car or ETS allows an immigrant to write their test) a Florida license and a green card are fully acceptable forms of ID.

The only reason ETS must be insisting on this policy without any kind of cooperation, friendliness, courtesy but instead demanding and rude especially Brian Franco (usually a sign that people are up to no good) demanding that they keep their $200.00. I did record the moment because I knew it would be a he said, she said situation where ETS would insist on their divine right and paint me a customer with valid id who paid them as not following the rules.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

  • Scam
  • Anti-Immigrant
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Has anybody taken further action on this? I am still arguing that this same sistuaion under a little different circumstance, that happened to me was a form of discrimination.

I fought and actually took the test that day, but my mind was definitely not on there. I had prepared for the test for months. Then they never sent me any email saying they actually cancelled my scores, then customer service forwarded to someone in "test integrity" hung up on me.

Then they have sent me a vague letter while I respond with very details of how their practices are ridiculous when they want everyone to have same form of identity. Being a college graduate, an immigrant, and someone who aspires to continue higher education I was straight up given the message that I have no access to graduate school of my choices because of things out of control on my end in regards to immigration status.


I read your review and I think the same thing. Ets are money grabbers.


I think if more people complain it would help. I paid for and took another test and ETS are refusing to release my score results.