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Update by user Feb 26, 2016

*Update* I sent a lengthy letter of complaint to GRE's complaint email address. The response I got was prompt, computerized, but prompt.

I sent my info, location and test date, along with my order confirmation number. I wasn't hopeful, but followed directions in good faith. I just received a reply back that they are giving me a *one-time* fee reduction, and half of the amount I paid will be refunded to my account. I was happy to see this.

It pays not give up sometimes. I'm wary a bit, so I'll wait and see for sure, but this is a happy conclusion to a frustrating story.

Original review posted by user Feb 25, 2016

ETS, man. I am functionally poor, as are many college students and graduates are in the US. I cannot afford the 205.00 fee required to take the test. So, I wanted to participate in the fee voucher program. The discount is not much (half of 205.00 is still highway robbery), but it comes with the territory when ETS has a clear monopoly and there is no other test-taking company to take the GRE with. Knowing that I had some chance at eligibility, I called the ETS customer service call center, as well as looked up information on the GRE fee reduction program.

From the beginning, I was given vague and conflicting details on how to go about this. I was told different things by different representatives at different times. This company and the customer service representatives are big on plausible deniability. They are notoriously bad at listening to customers when they have questions, and give botched information to otherwise simple inquiries. Then, when pressed, they defer to "policy" and "guidelines", consulting with a supervisor who makes no effort to establish any physical presence.

It's beyond shady. Long and frustrating story made short, I ended up paying the full amount, only to be to told that I was eligible after all. When I pointed out that another representative told me differently, the silly agent had nothing to say, invoking "policy" and "guidelines" as her go to. These MF'ers have next to no listening ability or basic human compassion. This experience permanently sullied my view of the GREs and of graduate school.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $205.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ETS Cons: Customer service, Lack of empathy, Lies, Exorbitant costs.

  • Zero Professionalism
  • Gre Ets Prometric
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