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I was on my way out the door to take the test. Lo and behold, I couldn't find my wallet!!!! Time was racing and I had 90 min to get there. I burst out in tears frantically searching. To no avail, at the ninth hour I found my wallet and the test was going to start in 5 min... however, I was still at home. I called the main number to GRE and explained the situation. I was told no refund, and I couldn't use the money to take another test. I... Read more

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I registered for GRE on September 1, and was experiencing tremendous difficulties with the website. It kicked me out several times, and apparently changed my first and last name to last name only. I came to take the test this morning, and was told that I cannot do so, because my name does not match. Even though it was clearly not my mistake, but something on behalf of the website, I am now held responsible for paying for another test day. The... Read more

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I am unable to log in to the site to access my scores, and the website fails to "recognize" my email even though I just received an email at that same address saying the scores were ready. My call to the center got booted out twice, and am currently experiencing the worst customer service on the planet. Just got told there is absolutely no way to access my scores, and that it is a technical difficulty that can only be resolved by someone... Read more

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The worst company that exists on earth. Abuses desperate and hard working students/ rips off every penny poor college students have and never do anything with punctuality. The score report that I have been waiting for over 2 months now is still not here and I am in the risk of not being able to apply for any schools because of their lack of responsibility and unprofessionalism. Had to call multiple times and send several emails but the issue is... Read more

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I have filed a claim as my GRE test scheduled for 10/21 was incorrectly cancelled without my consent or authorization by one of your operators. I highly encourage you to look through the phone dialogue(s) if possible. Since I did not ask for my test to be cancelled, I was I was hoping to receive my original test date (10/21) back, but apparently this is unable to be resolved by the “customer support” team, nor in a timely manner. I've been... Read more

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A month ago I sent several test scores out for grad school, multiple scores were sent to the wrong place or were not received. I contacted these schools and was told they had no record of receiving my GRE scores. I asked for the scores to be resent and was told there was no way to resend them without paying to have the scores sent again and there was no way to be given a refund. I'm now stuck paying for the full price of submitting my scores... Read more

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I am very angry with this new system. I have tried to register for about a month as well. Through the online portal (multiple times) and over the phone...... I am still unable to register for a test and $800 was charged to my credit charge at one point. I need to take the GRE ASAP and no one will help me. No one knows what is going on. The system is completely messed up. How am I supposed to apply to grad schools? At this point, all of us... Read more

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I've been trying to register online for a month... The system is terrible and failed to generate an ETS ID for me so I still cannot register... It's actually absurd that no one knows what's going on, and its own support center has no idea too (so they refused to help but do apologize - useless anyway). The whole system is dispatched and bureaucratic. No one's responding email (I sent 5 in three business days, no reply yet). All caused by some... Read more

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I register for gre exam and money has been deducted but not received any confirmation for exam. Its been one month now still the money have'nt reversed. Everytime i call they tell that we are working and need some time. Its the worst service ever i have gone through

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Poor customer service- hidden fees- good for ETS-Bad for consumer I took my test on 8.3.16. My scores have yet to post. THAT isn't objectionable, but asking me to pay $50 for every state I wish to send the scores to is very much so! I know that you are a business, but it should be transparent at the time of the test that you intend on charging that exorbitant price so that a person can make an informed choice about forwarding those scores. I... Read more

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